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Installation Training

Want to learn how to install architectural vinyl film?

Profilms Offers You Installation Training

We are passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering individuals to build their dreams with architectural film

Our goal is to provide education and create more job opportunities within the industry

The Process of Training

installation training

Step 1

Get a complete knowledge of architectural film

installation training

Step 2

Learn how to apply film textures in interior design

installation training
installation training

Step 3

Learn practical aspects of surface preparation and application of architectural film

installation training
installation training

Step 4

Receive the Certified Installer Certificate after a successful completion of the examination tasks

We Offer The Following Options For Training And Certification

Profilms Endorsed Bodaq Installation Certification


$990 +GST per applicant

The online training consists of 10 informative videos and 5 tasks to be completed before being issued a certification.

To become a certified BODAQ Installer and be eligible for us to refer projects to you and present you on our website – Certified Installers. As a trusted installer, we require that you complete our certification program.

During the basic training, participants will get the information and practice on the following:

What's Included: