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Kitchen Renovation

Discover The Ultimate Kitchen Refinishing Solution

Searching for a cleaner, faster, and more affordable way to revamp your kitchen? Look no further! Refinishing with PROFILMS film is the perfect alternative to traditional painting, refacing, or investing in new cabinets.


Our revolutionary architectural films are designed to transform any surface with ease, providing a durable and long-lasting finish that precisely replicates the textures of natural materials. From the rich warmth of wood to the sleek elegance of marble and everything in between, our films offer a wide range of stunning options to elevate your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Key Benefits of Architectural Film for Kitchen Renovations

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Time and Cost Savings

Renovations can be time-consuming and expensive. Our process minimises downtime and inconvenience for home owners, allowing for a quicker transformation of your spaces.

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Reliable Interior Film

We utilise Profilms Interior Film, manufactured by Hyundai, one of the most trusted and reliable interior film brands on the market.

Kitchen Refinishing Projects

kitchen renovation in Adelaide
kitchen renovation in Adelaide
kitchen renovation in Adelaide
kitchen renovation in Adelaide

Why Refinishing is Better Than Paint, Refacing, or Buying Brand New

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More Durable

Profilms interior film is resistant to heat, humidity and cracking. Love your new kitchen colours for years without the worry.

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More Affordable

Cabinets refinishing is up to 50% less expensive than traditional renovation approaches, such as repainting, refacing, and replacing.

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More Sustainable

No phthalates, formaldehyde, and other toxic emissions. Safe for babies. The minimal carbon footprint is certified.

Our Projects

Transforming Spaces with Architectural Film
Elevate the guest experience with modern and stylish interiors for hotels, resorts, and accommodations. Our architectural film offers a faster and more convenient alternative to traditional renovations, minimising disruption for guests.

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